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CarrotFish Meal Subscription plan is open for Order.

Place your time order Mon-Thurs 10am-7pm,for the following week or month meal subscription.

Option 1 – (5meals) Weekly Meal Subscription RM95/pax

Invite “2 more friends” to enjoy RM85/pax

Option 2 – (20meals) Monthly Meal Subscription RM360/pax

Invite “2 more friends” to enjoy RM320/pax


Our Lunchbox is pretty simply. Each lunchbox contain source of protein, fibre and carbs. It would be a healthy balance meal. Somehow a lot of people do feel that clean food should only contain hard boiled eggs, chicken breast and broccoli. But we don’t think that it is a sustainable diet plan. Would you live this way for the rest of you lives? No! I don’t want to. So Carrot Fish come up with various kind of healthy meals that taste good yet feel good!

You get to choose on Low-Carb Meal which do not contain rice, noodles and high carb food that substitute with cauliflower rice or salad veg according to the meal. Which Balance Diet Meal contains brown rice, noodles, potatoes and so on. Select your preference when placing your order through Whatsapp.

Our delivery time would be MON- FRI 1030am- 1230pm.

Our coverage area:

for Island: Bayan Lepas to Tanjung Bungah (according to postcode)

for mainland: TBC


Frequent Request

@I don’t want rice.

Yes, in our meal subscription you can upgrade/change your Carb base to CAULIFLOWER rice / SALAD veg

@Is the dressing fat?

No, all the sauce are homemade and we only natural ingredients into it. Example: yogurt, milk, spices to substitute the mayonnaise and tartar sauce. In addition, our dressing are separated from the food.


Yes, all the calories including macros Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates are stated on the box. Calories are all Below 450.

Place Your Order Now – Whatsapp 011-28922752 (Carrot Fish)


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Contact Number:

Full Address:

Request: Low-Carb Meal / Balance Diet Meal

Meal subscription type: Weekly/ Monthly

Quantity of meals:

*Please attach a receipt copy with your ordering details.


Payment Details:

Bank transfer – 8009036690 (Steward Food Enterprise;  CIMB BANK)

Pay by cash– Need to pay a week before meal subscription starts. exp: pay to cashier monday-thursday for the following week / month meal subscription.

*terms and condition apply*